Adamo (prod. by Dustifingaz)

from by TRAVO!



(this is a story about our hero, Travo
as he travels down a long road named 'Adamo'
on a summer day he wishes was cold
our story starts at the book store
while he buys knowledge
others buy fools gold
listen to the stories
of things he's seen
and people he knows
now lets go:)

readn' Malcolm X on women, said: "don't ever let em get to ya
they can take you down far, don't put a thing above God"
some of these women treatin men like retail
fake emotions all day, half the time they cry,
they just imitate; they could take a king out
if he aint all there, fatal femme on the levy
cataractin plenty, drown opponents in emotion
do it intently, leave 'em dead inside
like a mummy wrapped in beauty
there aint nothin to it, do it to each other
trickin' men real fluent
chasin down girls, you can tell he gon' lose it
thinkin with his body, when his body real judas
she a venus fly, coy, use you like a toy
fakin disappointment, like you didn't see the signs
see em all the time, but you let em pass by
gotta wonder why you close your own eyes
when ya comin at a stop sign

Goin down to Adamo, movies n' the catacombs
bus stop, temp shop, sammich wit some provologne
girlfriend, ask out, phone number, take out
Trap door, Jail house, GED for drop outs
mall cop, thrift stop, Hobo with the liquor talk
midnight hunger, 24 iHop,
couldn't steal time, so instead he stole a wristwatch
now he spend time tap dancin to the tick tock

work with the whino's, ex-con psycho's;
anxiety when other people ask how my day goes
I don't tell em jack,
I convince people not to sell crack n stay off crystal meth
I hear stories I can only rap back
contrasted wit ya average yakity-tak
I dont relate well so I often hold back
like I told you who I was and what I do
I already know how you would react:
"Trav knows criminals, some friends junky
dance in the streets, and he aint got money"
-mean I used to, but times got funny
God's got a plan n' I know it means something
pray real hard so I stay in the front seat
comin off the interstate, midnight, full speed
turn the speakers on, and bounce to the big beat
bring it back around as im rollin' down this street

Goin down to Adamo, rollin' over traffic cones
8 lanes packed, lotta talkin on the radio
pizza joint, ice cream, sunny day, nice things
gettin this rain like some tampa bay lighting
Read alotta Alan Watts, shade from the bridge spot
when I wake up, head over to the comic shop
tresspass, property, jacked by a bike thief
gotta get home, so I better start hiking

feelin like a sucker, cause my girl cheated on me
the same day I was gonna ask her if she'd want a wedding ring
later Felicia, hope I never see ya
I'd throw you a peace sign, but I broke my index finger
dig it on up just to bury it again
best friend, peepin tom, diggin thru my moms draws
dated his girlfriend, tell me what the heck you mad for
welcome to the south where we get it on backwards
sun so hot got people actin absurd
I be movin like an adverb, mad nerd pack words like
kitty litter cat turds, so sick talkin crap like fat germs, on the way to work, feels like I'm startin a new chapter
on I-75 so I can go faster what I'm chasin after
saw a trick from school and rolled right passed her

Goin down to Adamo, gasoline n chemicals
Im a run around until I rip my tennis shoes
aint no shade, like 100 degrees
but all of my friends throw shade on me!
I take it all in, y'know where I live,
crash my motorcycle at the end of a night shift
end of my day got me feelin real worthless
but im still alive so I know I gotta purpose


from In Tampa, released May 24, 2017



all rights reserved


TRAVO! Portland, Oregon

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