DOPE (prod. by Syndrome)

from by TRAVO!



Where ya think you runnin to? I know you wanna come back
I know what you want, and you know I got alotta that
pull the needle out, get to treadin with the track marks
all ya ol' buddies get it smellin' like a nascar
passed out hard, woke up bloody in a backyard
nobody knows you, white like a cracker
try to run away, but ya house is a handcart
got a monkey on ya back laughin' like a mandark
dirty like black tar, try to buy water
shouted by Akbar: "Outta my site!"
left stage like an actor
know your role and you play the sad part
gettin your soul ripped out by a raptor
already know the facts are: beg, steal, no meals
addict to a black star;
day was a bad start, carvin out a dark heart
you be gettin mean, cause you mad hard.

y'know im your best friend I wanna rip ya heart out
lull you to sleep, and I also turn the lights out
I can wipe the pain out like white out
already know y'wanna try out (haha!)
fish real good, caught a man outta downtown
alley with the bow-wow; fake peace pipe like a pow-wow
its too late cause ya times out, got your soul better bow down
I got every corner, ain't no escape route
You without me? You be lookin real fake now
I can do you good like 'take out', temporary-escape town!
whats this talk about optin out?!
Livin our life and leavin me out?
Everything I do and you kickin me out?
I already told you, quit me and get laid out!

We can slide to the left, or slide to the right
we can dance in the mornin', or the middle of the night
he tried to run away, but I hold on tight
man this dark soul looks oh-so-bright
I control him with all my might
as I hold him hostage with my knife
he used to be a man, he probly had a life
I think he had a name, well now he's mine!


from In Tampa, released May 24, 2017



all rights reserved


TRAVO! Portland, Oregon

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