Gatto (prod. by Timeline)

from by TRAVO!



Anti-matter like I'm out of my element
Like a black kid thats missin all his melanin
military fam so he never gets to settle in
try to be a part, but he's always real different
whats my name? gonna make me a synonym
for lookin this good and bein intelligent

White girl dreads like Gold-i-locks
Black girl fro, wanna tag along
she talk old-school like analogue
Girlfriend crayon catalog
Cool house party: Cannon ball
Gonna sit down, philosophical, like:
Girls go to college to get more knowledge
well Boys go to; hooked on phonics:
I attack with concepts, makin minds collapse
tactics intergalactic, star trek can't manage,
get poppin, get it like a Radd Chad
Went to hard, think I broke the NASDAQ
come from the new school, but act like a classic
I'm always gonna get it man, you can call me taxes
juvenile swag, spray cans in the backpack
comin from the jump, Shaolin Fantastic
you put it into park, when I put it into action
all of my boys be lookin like the Rat Pack
back in the day, used to call me the state champ
boys work real hard jus so we can say that
I don't even care if they like me when I say that
I wanna talk facts, they wanna talk bullcrap
toe tags, body bags, every time I rap man
ya don't know me, all you gotta do is ask

cause I'm the greatest thing you never heard of
like a big star from another universal
I'm the type of bright that could hurt ya
got the kinda hype that's be puttin you to work
like before you heard the track
already know that its berserk
cause I do it for the pain
I don;t do it for the perks
I'm just tryna go to work

(Alright every body sit down
'cause class is in session
and I'm teachin')

I said their hesitation is something medicated
meditative pre-game like pre-meditated
my elevation syncopated with the glitches in the matrix
they tellin me to slow down when I already made it (aah!)
look at these machinations,
cogs in the machine that there makin
see the future, that's so raven, I'll explode like I'm creation
my thoughts give off radiation and im given no apologies
Kill em like Socrates, severin' some arteries

High octane propane, say I'm insane
when I'm at the top of my game
show you things you wont ever be the same
wake up, you aint gotta be an agent
pray, your mind is radio wavin
Im a pick you up like taken, aint gotta be forsaken
all ya gotta do is have a little bit of patience
realize where greatness in the makin

cause I'm the greatest thing you never heard of
like a big star from another universal
gotta lotta rhymes, boy I gotta surplus
thoughts like light, that's takin me furtha
outta sight like yall couldn't discern em
mercin', every concept like Erwin
"oh my word", like I don't concur, I'm
over yall head, like three little birds,

I'm the greatest thing you never heard of
like the words of God comin from the dirt
like a blue sky hidin' all the stars
big like the universe far
no matter what I do man I always hit the mark
'sayin I can get it in, but I aint even start
I already hear em sayin that I went to hard
I'm not sorry, cause I gotta a lot of scars
I ain't gonna stop till I tear ya mind apart


from In Tampa, released May 24, 2017



all rights reserved


TRAVO! Portland, Oregon

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