Gibtown (prod. by Hapa)

from by TRAVO!



Chillin at the trailer park
dogs barkin, old crusty pop-tarts
its hot out, A/C done conked out
this dude next door gettin' real spazed out
middle of the night, screamin somethin real loud
Got the Xbox on lockdown, play Halo an go shoot out
*Smack*- domestic,
cops showed up and somebody got arrested.
what else is new?

Pop pills, pay bills, "the high life",
shot gun, old truck and a buddha pipe
tie-dye flip flops, she own alotta books like
readin's an escape, and its cheaper than a psyche, right?
Like whats the point of living if I never even feel right?

Don't live here, but been here my whole life,
gon' get together, have a party all night
Cliqued up, roastin, music, movie time
dirty ol' couch that I think i'm sleepin on tonight
pack rats- some people savage.
friend of a man who ate a sheet of acid tablets
when he was five, like to eat paper, said "I wanna have that",
brother drug-dealer left it out like a bad dad,
now his presciptions drugs, man, they take up the whole dang cabinet

Carnyville we gon' take you for a ride
Kevin Smith stop by, watched a wal-mart parkin lot fight
Corner store, dark night, Im clownin an smilin,
cause I could do this all night

(where you goin?) Gibtown
(where you at?) Gibtown
(where you from?) Gibtown
Stayin out at Gibtown
Wylin' out in Gibtown
Hangin out in Gibotwn
Gettin down in Gibtown


from In Tampa, released May 24, 2017



all rights reserved


TRAVO! Portland, Oregon

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