Gully (prod. by Hapa)

from by TRAVO!



Jumped in, can't jump out
I'm stuck here, no way out (no way out)

Deal drugs, make money fast
pocket some cash, gotta pay it back
might sell pills, or heroine
go kidnap, extortion

(yall got me messed up, man)

They all think i'm entertainment
I do this every day
blood on my hands
like its valentines day (aah!)
put his teeth upon the pavement
curb stompin's my favorite
gotta gun blow a dome into a stadium
plus I shot a couple strays
that have killed a couple babies
I like gettin' angry, maybe I got rabies
(I like gettin' angry)
wanna get high, boy? I can get you wasted!

Owe me money, send the goons out
knock his door down, go collect now
shoot 'em in the mouth, blood pourin' out
had the wrong house!

My bad, I didn't mean to do that
(I didn't mean to)
you were in my way, now thats too bad
(now thats too bad)
for you, yeah?

(yea, haahahaha HAAHAHAHAHAH!)

oh no...
Oh no!!

Can't stop,
I've been chokin on me own thoughts
gettin tied into knots
when I break out, I'm a take it out on yall!
(Choke, Choke!)
think y'better than me?
I was born worse off, this is my environment
think im crazy? Maybe- What you want, man?
Ain't nobody ever try to save me!


from In Tampa, released May 24, 2017



all rights reserved


TRAVO! Portland, Oregon

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